To Love or not to Love on Love Day…

Valentine’s Day brings up so many wonderful childhood memories for me.  My mom used to buy my sisters and I pretty underwear, socks and treats to make us feel special each year, and I truly believe that’s the reason why I absolutely love this Day.  It’s not only a day of romance, but it’s also a time to celebrate friendships, partnerships and to remind ourselves that we’re all connected somehow. 

For those that are lonely or desperate on this day, I would love to give each and everyone a big hug and remind them about all the good things in their lives, and possibly get them high on some dark chocolate!  Unfortunately, you can’t convince those who view this lovely day as a time of mourning or as a commercial holiday fueled by greed. 

Will you feel the love on love day…





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How to Sustain a Happier People on Mother Earth…

When you don’t know how to express yourself with someone in particular…not sure what to say, how to say it or even when to say it, and you blame them for your blockage, the reality is your EGO is in the way…when you come from a place of love the worrying will cease and a happier person will emerge!

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To Deserve or Not to Deserve…

To Deserve or Not to Deserve…that is the question or is it?  Most people believe that deserving things requires paying some sort of sacrimental right to prove they are worthy of receiving.  In reality, people receive exactly what they wish for and mostly what they observe.  The Universe we live in…the one that gives us exactly what we ask for…is an inclusive one, and  it doesn’t discriminate from offering us what we seek, but it doesn’t necessarily give us what we need.  Test the universe and you will see…the abundance of all good and bad requests you shall receive. 



Inspired by Abraham Hicks Teachings…



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Today’s Friendly Reminder…

Sometimes when you’re disillusioned/disappointed in people because they’ve made you sad/upset…always remember not to rely on them for your own happiness…be free my friends, be free!

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Self Awareness Into the Bliss

Self Awareness Theory

Self Awareness Theory states that when we focus our attention on ourselves, we evaluate and compare our current behavior to our internal standards and values. We become self-conscious as objective evaluators of ourselves.

I guess Self Awareness doesn’t mean much when the person who is evaluating themselves is deluded and plagued by denial of self. The truth hurts? Sure, in the beginning, but eventually, it becomes liberating to fully understand the nature of your behavior. Easier said than done of course, but surely Self Awareness can set you free into a life of joy. Do you practice Self Awareness/Analysis or do you dismiss the truth by blaming others for your sometimes inappropriate/hurtful behavior. Does everyone need to dive deep into ‘self’ and find the truth? Absolutely…those who are brave and ready to make changes will dive as deep as possible to surface into the Bliss.

– Random thoughts for change…

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An Unhappy people….An Unhappy Race

An Unhappy people….An Unhappy Race.

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An Unhappy people….An Unhappy Race

There has been so much discussion about happiness lately,  everywhere I turn there’s someone uttering the words ‘come on get happy’, yet the more aware we become about the endless possibilities for fullfillment, and the right and privilege to be happy, we just can’t seem to be content.   Why do you suppose people don’t want to be happy?  Or maybe they don’t understand the concept?  Is it because they’re discouraged?  Disappointed?  Or possibly fickle with a touch of A.D.D?  The state of happiness…of utter bliss is that amazing feeling of relief, love, and complete gratitude.  By now we know that the Universe will always give us what we put out and ask for, but collectively we are still reminding each other of how unhappy we really are as a people.  Do we have enough courage to learn how to be truly happy individuals?  Or are we collectively an unhappy people… forming an unhappy race… for an unhappy future? 

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