An Unhappy people….An Unhappy Race

There has been so much discussion about happiness lately,  everywhere I turn there’s someone uttering the words ‘come on get happy’, yet the more aware we become about the endless possibilities for fullfillment, and the right and privilege to be happy, we just can’t seem to be content.   Why do you suppose people don’t want to be happy?  Or maybe they don’t understand the concept?  Is it because they’re discouraged?  Disappointed?  Or possibly fickle with a touch of A.D.D?  The state of happiness…of utter bliss is that amazing feeling of relief, love, and complete gratitude.  By now we know that the Universe will always give us what we put out and ask for, but collectively we are still reminding each other of how unhappy we really are as a people.  Do we have enough courage to learn how to be truly happy individuals?  Or are we collectively an unhappy people… forming an unhappy race… for an unhappy future? 

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3 Responses to An Unhappy people….An Unhappy Race

  1. Nancy says:

    This is a perfect topic in question, simultaneously ready with answers not just to one’s personal mission of being happy, but the underlying truth and cure for illness and possibly….world peace! Big ups! A major step for mankind so thank you it’s greatly appreciated.

  2. Bernie says:

    You know.. The funny thing about this unhappy race is that even the most self-loathing of people want to be happy. The question in place for these individuals is when do they want to be happier peoples, because intellectually we understand that it is only the ‘open-self’ that will accomplish what the ‘closed-self’ negates. Simply, this unhappiness that the unhappy self fills him/herself with is a blinder for the things they want to see but fail to try to see. Laziness is definitely not a good combination for the unhappy and weak-minded. It’s easy to do nothing about everything everything about nothing. Priorities, though dependent and subjective on the individual, are how people gage what they feel they need to accomplish. So, I think we are a very fickle group of being with a dash of ADD that are surrounded in an environment that ‘want us to succeed’ but exudes this air of complacency. Thus multiplying the unhappy race we observe.

    I too become consumed with these thoughts and writing this out has helped me realize where I stand on this spectrum. Once again, awareness = growth = appreciation = plethora = King/Queen of Plethora!

  3. Kris says:

    Thank you for this. It’s very thoughtful. Sometimes being happy is hard when we feel we don’t deserve to be happy while others are suffering or not happy. I struggle with this…it’s blockage that is hard to dissolve. I feel happy when I smile. Cheesy right? Maybe the physical act reminds me of a happy moment in time. I’m grateful for the gift you’re sharing. Keep it up!

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