To Deserve or Not to Deserve…

To Deserve or Not to Deserve…that is the question or is it?  Most people believe that deserving things requires paying some sort of sacrimental right to prove they are worthy of receiving.  In reality, people receive exactly what they wish for and mostly what they observe.  The Universe we live in…the one that gives us exactly what we ask for…is an inclusive one, and  it doesn’t discriminate from offering us what we seek, but it doesn’t necessarily give us what we need.  Test the universe and you will see…the abundance of all good and bad requests you shall receive. 



Inspired by Abraham Hicks Teachings…



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5 Responses to To Deserve or Not to Deserve…

  1. Jesse says:

    Great food for thought. 🙂

  2. Kris says:

    At times I feel I’m not worthy of all the good that comes my way. Mostly because I often have negative thoughts and still the universe is so generous. So how could I be so fortunate? Is what I often ask myself. Thank you for this. It made me feel good at this very moment and will refer to it for future inspiration.

    • biotic8 says:

      Interesting…your negative thoughts sound as if they might include lots of appreciation and gratitude as well, therefore the Universal system keeps on blessing you with such wonderful gifts! Inclusive is the operative word…good and bad thoughts manifest situations/things/experiences/people in your life. We all need some reminders to inspire us…I know I do! xoxo!!

  3. theberns says:

    Deserve. The meaning of the word is rather a subjective one.. at least I believe so.

    Often, people use the word ‘deserve’ to describe a situation/circumstance where they feel entitled to receive either a favorable or unfortunate situation/circumstance. The same can be said about that same individual “wishing upon” a situation/circumstance for someone else.

    Now, this is where I believe the disconnect is: ‘deserving’ is obsolete. How so? (e.g. “I deserved to get the promotion Kim received.”) Because the feeling of entitlement is present when using the word ‘deserve’, receiving the product of its result may or may not leave one satisfied. I find the feeling to deserve a situation/circumstance is a form of assumption. And as we all know, ‘to assume’ derives from the “ass” out of “u and “me.” Ultimately, there is no sense of accomplishment in deserving, only the feeling of entitlement- the opposite of what it means to earn, or receive, a situation/circumstance.

    I believe ‘earning’ is the appropriate term. Why? (e.g. “I earned the promotion I received.”) Knowing, not assuming, how one came to accomplish the result of its input is the key factor in understanding how earning a situation/circumstance realizes itself. Earning allows all to fully comprehend who, what, where, when, why, and how we, as human beings, create our reality. Whether that reality be favorable or unfortunate is up to us to decide. Question is: What have we ‘accomplished’ that has carried all cooperative components to form, what is, our reality? In other words, what have we experienced that allows us to feel entitled to the situations/circumstances we have earned?

    All I can offer is that the energy one has engulfed [him]self in will tell the fruits of [his] labor.

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